The Site

The Event is held on the Torquay Foreshore on open space parkland situated on The Esplanade between Zeally Bay Rd and Anderson St. This area is known as Elephant Walk which is the home of the monthly Cowrie Market. (View map below)

   On show day the roads around the site become very congested. In 2018 we have

developed a Traffic Management Plan. Between 7.00 – 10.00am The Esplanade will be closed between Beach Rd at the north and Zeally Bay Rd at the South. So please read the instructions below carefully to ensure smooth entry to the site.

Entrant Access

  • Entrants will ONLY be able to access the site by travelling south along The Esplanade.
  • There will be NO entry from Zeally Bay Rd nor from the South on The Esplanade
  • Upon presentation of your event Entry Form the marshals will permit you to pass the Road Closure
  • You will proceed and turn left into the Show site where you will be instructed to form into one of 3 lines. From 2019 there will be 3 Entry Lanes to pay your entry fee and receive wrist bands.

  1. Express Prepaid Lane
  2. EFTPOS Payment Lane
  3. Cash Only Lane

  • Marshalls will then direct you where to park. If you wish to park with other vehicles as a group then you will need to follow the very specific instructions below.


Entrants bringing their car by trailer please beware of the following.

  • There is limited parking available within the Reserve
  • We would appreciate prior notification from entrants requiring trailer parking to assist with traffic management
  • You will be required to arrive between 7.30 – 8.00am to unload and park your trailer in the designated trailer parking area
  • Once the trailer parking is full you will need to find alternative parking.

Spectator Access

  • There is no designated Spectator Parking area so you will need to find street parking.
  • There is parking available in Zeally Bay Road beside Taylor Park and in the central shopping precinct of Torquay.
  • Please be sure to obey all parking rules as By-Laws officers’ patrol at all major events in Torquay.
  • There are 3 Spectator Entrances situated

  1. opposite Zeally Bay Rd.
  2. opposite Gilbert St.
  3. opposite Anderson St.


For those car clubs attending the event and intending to park together the following steps should be followed

  • Notify us during the week prior to the event of your groups intended participation in our show and the number of vehicles in the group to assist us with our planning.
  • Have your group rendezvous somewhere close by to form your group ie -

  1. Surfcoast Shire Office carpark (first set of traffic lights entering Torquay)
  2. Bunnings carpark (first set of traffic lights entering Torquay)
  3. Open space carpark on the Esplanade between Darian & Cowrie Rds

  • Your group should arrive between 8.30am and no later than 9.30am.
  • The lead car driver should know how many cars are in the group - and the details of the last car (colour - model)
  • Travel towards the event site heading south along the Esplanade.
  • As you pass the Road Closure manned traffic point - first car to advise the club Marshall of the group details.
  • Marshalls will keep the group together as far as is practical and direct all to the same area.
  • At the gates - let the gate staff know that you are a part of a group. Staff in the driveways and parking areas will attempt to keep the entire group together taking into account the available spaces and traffic volumes at the time. If for some reason you are split up - please note that once the peak traffic time has passed it we will endeavour to move vehicles to regroup taking into account other vehicles, space and of course the pedestrians.
  • However NO guarantee can be given that this will be possible. Under no circumstances may cars park in the driveway to regroup - there are hundreds of vehicles moving in the opening hours and traffic delays will impact the entire event and external roads.
  • This process has worked successfully for many clubs in previous years and it is important to note that at peak traffic times the Traffic Controllers primary objective is to keep the roads and access points moving and clear. This MAY result in some splitting up of groups on first admission - if you assist us with these simple guidelines, we will work to ensure that everyone has a great event. If your club wishes to erect a small tent or picnic space - please do not set up until the parking area you are in is full and then make sure that you leave space for other patrons to move around freely to view your cars and others.

the Esplanade, Torquay Victoria 3228, Australia